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Become an authorised CIPI reseller

Every day you are solicited to add products to your portfolio.

For you it is important to decide :

  • Do these products contribute to my bottom line?
  • what is the related investment in money, time and energy?
  • what function have these products when added to my current portfolio?
  • which supplier will contribute most to my success?
Why should I sell ID accessories?

Photo ID badges are at the heart of most security programs. If you sell or integrate systems, the quality and functionality of the photo ID increases the acceptability and enhances the perception of the quality of the system by your customer’s employees.

ID accessories are an excellent business opportunity for you because they are constantly being replaced due to:

  • company expansion
  • employee turnover
  • transfers
  • temporary help
  • meetings
  • lost ID’s

As a true consumable, accessories represent a repeating, on-going opportunity for revenue and profit.

  • No large financial commitment to maintain inventory (CIPI stocks inventory for rapid delivery)
  • Miniumal product training necessary
  • No expensive demo equipment or after-sale technical support
  • Easy to promote on website and with inside sales staff
  • Serves the same markets you are now serving
  • Short sales cycle which creates level monthly cash flow rather than the ups and downs of systems sales
  • Repeat business with good margins
  • You offer one-stop-shopping – no need for your customer to shop elsewhere and risk losing that customer to your competitor
  • Expands your service level and builds loyalty with your current customers
  • Attracts prospective customers who may need your other products or services

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Why should I partner with CIPI Europe?

Because we understand that accessories may not be your core business, we want to make it interesting and profitable for you to do business with CIPI

  • Increase your competitive advantage
  • Reduce your risk
    • Consistent high quality
    • Easy to do business
    • Fast delivery
  • Innovative new products
  • CIPI is there to support you
  • You buy directly from the manufacturer

Because we focus entirely on building a close, long-term business relationship with you, when you are successful, we are successful. It’s just that simple.

  • Local, in-stock inventory of the European Collection – ready to ship
  • Choose from a wide assortment of professional-quality ID attachments for every need
  • Personal customer service – your orders are filled and shipped within 24 hours; quick response to product information, sample requests, order tracking and accounting issues
  • Effective marketing support – choose from lead generating brochures, catalogue sheets, displays and web artwork that can be personalised with your logo
  • Experienced sales support – you have a team of dedicated CIPI sales professionals who listen to your needs and are focused on building your business

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